NBC Eyeing Jenna Elfman to Take Over as The Family Guide’s Leading Lady

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The months between May and September can be a crazy time for the big television networks. They’ve made their choices of which pilots they want to air in the fall and, as always, there are some pilots that will need reshoots because so-and-so decided they didn’t want to be a part of the show anymore. There can be various reasons why an actor would drop out of a pilot after pick up, but sometimes no justification is given and we’re just supposed to roll with it even as we’re left scratching our heads. That’s how I felt when Parker Posey decided to up and leave NBC’s The Family Guide. And now the show needs a new leading lady! Thanks a lot for the extra work, Posey.

The single camera comedy, thankfully, has plenty of time to sort itself out, despite needing to reshoot all of Posey’s scenes with a different actress, because it won’t be premiering until midseason. With the extra time that allots, a better actress – someone who won’t abandon the show seemingly for no reason – can be found. According to TVLine, Jenna Elfman, one time star of the now dead 1600 Penn, is being considered to replace Posey. I can definitely see this working and might even prefer her over Posey, who is great in her own right, but I just don’t think she’s as fun of an actress, which is something this role requires.

The Family Guide centers on a son (Eli Baker) who idolizes his blind father (J.K. Simmons) and enjoys his mom’s newfound adolescence following his parents’ divorce. I’ve seen Posey do silly roles, but she’s never come off as someone who could portray someone rediscovering their youth, not the way Elfman can. She’s always been an actress who seems carefree and I think that’s what this role needs.

DJ Nash, Jason Bateman and Jim Garavente serve as EPs, with and David Schwimmer directed the pilot.

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