The Newsroom

Ready to re-examine the 2012 presidential election? Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom has got you covered. Today’s season 2 trailer teases some serious scandal.

In the HBO show’s second video promoting season 2, scandal is the word, with a capital “S”. When the show returns to on July 14th the drama, will unfold as our favorite network cable news station follows 2012’s presidential election.

It seems our hero anchor, Will McAvoy, acted by Jeff Daniels will find himself in hot water during season two, when network executives frown for his comment suggesting that the Tea Party may as well be the American Taliban. Woops. We see actor Sam Waterston warning Will of the consequences of his colorful quip. Jane Fonda’s ACN CEO character Leona Lansing is not a happy camper.

Sloan Sabbith, acted by Olivia Munn will have troubles of her own. Supposed naked pictures of her surface and are threatened to be exposed at work.

That’s the magic of this show, balancing the crazy lives of our anchors and producers with the turmoil of the world stage on which they must report the news.

As for Jim, acted by John Gallagher Jr., his character will be following Mitt Romney’s campaign trail. Sounds like an amazing opportunity for a reporter, right? Well, more than likely, hitting the road is a chance to escape the office love triangle he shares with Maggie, acted by Allison Pill, and Don, delivered by Thomas Sadowski.

The previous teaser video was much less telling. In fact, it was pretty surreal in nature, but stylish none the less.

2012 should provide plenty of material for our “News Night” staffers. Dev Patel’s Neal, for example, will be seen covering the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The biggest scandal of the video? Well, we hear something about “a massive war crime,” and something potentially able to end presidencies. Yikes! At one point Charlie shouts, “We don’t have the trust of the public anymore!” Ha!

To further add to our suspense, Marcia Gay Harden appears, playing a lawyer and threatening Will by saying, “No one responsible for the broadcast will ever work again.”