Open HBO

What with the disaster that was Last Resort now behind him, Scott Speedman can look forward to a future that will no doubt be filled with more prosperous television work. He’s already off to a good start by attaching himself to an HBO drama pilot: Open. The stress of drawing in millions upon millions of viewers is reduced considerably on the pay cable network. Adding further credence to Open’s chances is that it comes from successful developer Ryan Murphy, responsible for such hits as Glee and American Horror Story.

While I’d rather eat chalk than watch Glee, I’ve been impressed with what Murphy has been able to do with fewer restrictions on FX. American Horror Story isn’t without its issues, but they are mostly cast aside in favor of just how balls out crazy it can be. Now imagine what Murphy can do on HBO, where the only real restriction is “don’t do hardcore porn.” Open, co-written by Murphy and Lauren Gussis, is a modern, provocative exploration of human sexuality and relationships. That absolutely sounds like a show Murphy would be attached to. Speedman will be playing Jonathan, says Deadline, a handsome sports marketing executive and one of two male leads.

Wes Bently plays the other lead, but the relationship between the two male characters, if there is one, is unclear. They could be friends, brothers, lovers, or some combination of the three. Considering this will be a show specifically designed to be provocative and feature sexuality, I would expect a garbage dump’s worth of sex and nudity. My only question is; why has it taken Murphy this long to get working on an HBO show? Maybe I missed one from a number of years ago, but this is the first that’s come to my attention. I would’ve thought he’d be all over HBO so he could tell his twisted sex stories without restraint. He must get bored of sexualizing the kids of Glee and never getting to show any of the actual sex.