Revolution Possibly Setting Miles Up with Jessica Collins

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With Revolution’s first season finale now behind us, we can begin looking to the future; a future bright with the promise that we’ll never have to go through Season 1 ever again. That’s not a guarantee Season 2 will be a vast improvement, but it is the hope the writers at least figured out what they did wrong the first time around. Revolution had a lot of problems throughout its freshman season, but it always got one thing right from the very beginning; it knew how to kill characters off. If a character’s purpose was served or they just weren’t well liked, they got the axe. And because of those decisions, Revolution will need a new romantic interest for Miles.

According to Deadline, Zero Dark Thirty actress Jessica Collins will be joining Season 2 in a major recurring role. In fact, she’s already been confirmed to be appearing in the first four episodes of the new season. She’ll be playing Cynthia, a beautiful, young woman of deep faith whose winning humor and blazing intelligence captures the heart of one of our lead characters. Now, because Nora, the last woman Miles had a crush on, up and died during the Season 1 finale, I think it’s safe to say Cynthia is being tailor-made for him.

Of course, that isn’t the only possibility. There are other male characters that could fall for Cynthia, even if they seem less likely. It’s hard to imagine Jason or Aaron suddenly forgetting the women they love for some newb. And who’s to say she captures anyone’s heart romantically. She is a woman of faith after all. Perhaps someone becomes enraptured by her beliefs and suddenly finds their own faith in an unseen God. Or maybe it’s one of the women who find themselves drawn to Cynthia. In a world as backwards as Revolution’s, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

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