Scandal ABC

It’s a good time to be Scott Foley, which is a rather pointless statement to make considering there’s never a bad time to be Scott Foley. The actor has been known to melt hearts with a simple glance from his captivating amber eyes – my heart included – and has no intent to stop now. All we can do now is prepare ourselves and hope he doesn’t spend too much time on our televisions lest we succumb to his tempting gaze. Unfortunately for watchers of Scandal, they’ll be getting nothing but more Foley as the show goes into its third season. It’s a blessing and a curse.

As reported by THR, Foley has been upgraded from recurring status to series regular for Season 3 and he his beyond thrilled. He considers creator Shonda Rhimes and all involved with the series as incredibly talented, enthusiastic and professional. He also praised the characters for being layered and complex. His character, the mysterious military man Jake, appeared in the second half of Season 2 with some connection to the president. He was then given the assignment to protect Olivia, a relationship that became more romantic over time. Again: those eyes. Watch out for them. You’ll get trapped so fast and then disappointed just as quickly.

Their romance came to an end when Olivia found out he was spying on her for Fitz, but the finale revealed Jake was a good guy after all, never turning against Olivia. Daw, that’s so sweet of him! The last we saw of Jake, he was thrown into a hole; the same one Huck had been put in before he dedicated his life to the mysterious B613 organization.

Foley currently stars in The Goodwin Games, but since that series performed poorly and is now shamefully burning off its remaining episodes this summer, we know it won’t be coming back. Scandal was a better fit for Foley anyway.