White Collar USA Network

After watching her take a rather bland character on The Americans and transforming her into a wonderfully powerful player acting as a triple agent, I’ve nearly fallen in love with the beautifully exotic Annet Mahendru. Seeing her play Nina was the first I’d ever laid eyes on this actress, but now I can’t get enough of her. It seems like I wasn’t the only person she made an impression on because now she’s landed a role on the fifth season of White Collar, which is set to premiere this fall. Mahendru seems like she would be a good fit for White Collar, but I’m so captivated by her I would likely think she’d be a good fit for a Japanese game show.

According to TVLine, Mahendru will appear in Episode 6 of Season 5 as Katya, a talented Russion figure skater with Olympic potential. The role is far and away from the spy games of The Americans, but she’s no less safe on White Collar. Mike Dopud is also guest starring, playing Sergei, as Russian gangster. It seems Katya might have rubbed someone the wrong way, which would explain why she’s involved in an episode of this show. Peter and Neal might have to step in and help her out, regardless of why the Russian gangsters are after her.

If you’re skeptical of Mahendru, just be aware of her success on The Americans. Her character proved to be an incredible asset, so much so she was promoted from recurring to series regular for Season 2. And she’s not afraid to use her sexuality to her advantage. I’m not saying Mahendru will be as cold and ruthless as Katya, but if White Collar needs her to act vulnerable to lull a guy into a false sense of security, she can do it with complete believability. My only hope is we get to see her do some figure skating.