The only series I can say I’ll miss as much as I’ll miss Dexter is AMC’s Breaking Bad. In fact, I’m probably more sentimental about the misadventures of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. A parting gift was bestowed upon loyal fans this week. Here it is, one of the final promo posters we’ll ever see. That’s not a tear in my eye, its just a reaction to the smoke…

The tagline: “All Bad Things Must Come to and End” appears on the poster, which is nothing more than a clever shot of the yellowish smoke with which fans are so familiar. Over the course of five seasons, we’ve been seeing the smoke at the start of every episode.

Part one of season five closed last September with Walt’s D.E.A. agent brother-in-law, Hank, checking out Walt’s copy of “Leaves of Grass,” reading the inscription, and finally realizing that Walt IS Heisenberg.

Part two of season five kicks-off on August 11th, starting a countdown to the final 8 episodes. Some of the directors of the final 8 include star Bryan Cranston, series creator Vince Gilligan, taking on the series finale, set to air on September 29, and Rian Johnson, who returns as a guest director and is well known for his films Brick and Looper, both starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

What will befall Walter White as the episodes wind down? Your guess is as good as mine. I’m positive it will be one tense ride.