True Blood HBO

True Blood has been relentless in its promotion for the upcoming sixth season, which premieres June 16, and it’s starting to grow tiresome. Thankfully the wait for the new season is almost over and HBO can dispense with the heavy marketing push and concentrate on the war that’s coming. The latest trailer is short, clocking in at only 46 seconds, but it gives a good sense of the chaos Season 6 is sure to ripe with. My only complaint is how little attention is given to the other characters besides Sookie and Bill. We see them, but with little context, their storylines not even hinted at.

But Bill and Sookie seem to have something strange going on. Bill, in the video, has shown up at Sookie’s house and she doesn’t want anything to do with him. But what’s intriguing is Sookie mentioning Bill saying he loves her. Considering Bill’s transformation at the end of Season 5, I’m a little surprised he’s still feeling any emotions at all. I figured he’d be nothing but a killing machine. So his still loving Sookie – assuming it’s not a ruse – complicates things a bit, especially when we consider what appears to be Sookie hooking with someone  (it’s hard to tell who, but the blonde hair suggests Eric). Bill claims to play by different rules now and Sookie doesn’t belong to anyone. It’s a lot of tension and I’m curious what Bill’s new rules are. Maybe he has different weaknesses now that he’s consumed all of Lilith’s blood.

Aside from those two, the rest of the trailer is filled with images of the war between humans and vampires, with the occasional werewolf baring his teeth. Nothing really sticks out enough for me to grab on to and talk about, so let’s just say that it appears like Season 6 will be a rollercoaster ride and I look forward to it. My greatest fear would be for this war to be resolved within the first few episodes of the season and some other random plot takes precedence.