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Under the Dome’s Key Art Breaks Your Heart

Under the Dome CBS

I can already tell that CBS’ Under the Dome is going to be playing a dirty game in order to get people like me to tune it for its summer broadcast. When there are so many great programs that air during the summer – a surprising amount considering summer is supposed to the time when folks watch TV the least – how do you choose one over the other? The answer is simple: through clever key art and great casting. And that’s where I can see Under the Dome is playing for keeps. They want us to look at their artwork and think “Well, geez. Now I’ve got to watch this show.” And you know what? It worked. Well, played.

The second I laid eyes on the key art, a simple image featuring a boy and his dog, separated by the titular dome, I was sold. That imagery is powerful and breaks my heart. Now I need to know if the actual series can evoke such emotions. The story of Under the Dome is a simple one: a town wakes up one day to find itself sealed off from the rest of the world by a mysterious dome. Because it is based on one of Stephen King’s stories, you can bet it will explore human nature, good and evil, as the townsfolk deal with being trapped.

My favorite summer series is, without a doubt, Breaking Bad. No other series holds a candle to it. So it was smart of Under the Dome to snag one of Breaking Bad’s biggest players, Dean Norris. And, even more wisely, he’s playing a character much less noble than his Breaking Bad character. Big Jim looks pretty suspicious in the image of him below and that’s because he’s a guy who’s up to no good.

We also have a picture of Rachelle Lefevre as small-town news reporter Julia Shumway and, I have to say, she looks gorgeous. Below that, we have a group shot of Linda (Natalie Martinez), Joe (Colin Ford), Sheriff Perkins (Jeff Fahey) and Dale “Barbie” Barbara (Mike Vogel) amidst some kind of wreck. There’s fire and debris, the source of which is not clear from the photo. It could be from a car accident or an explosion of some kind. I hope it was caused by something colliding with the dome.

Under the Dome premieres on CBS Monday, June 24.

Under the Dome, CBS

Under the Dome CBS

Under the Dome CBS

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