White Collar Shows Bridget Regan Recurring Love

White Collar

We’ve got the latest news for former Legend Of The Seeker actress Bridget Regan. Very soon Mr. Neal Caffrey will be seeking a kiss from this little lady. She has just signed on for a recurring role on the popular USA series, White Collar. Look away, Hilarie Burton, look away.

Burton, whose character is the very fetching Sara Ellis, has been Neal’s longest lasting love interest since the death of Kate Moreau. Neal is of course one half of the show’s leading pair of men, acted by the dashing Matt Bomer. Neal is a conman who assists Tim DeKay’s Special Agent Peter Burke in white collar crime investigations.

Neal and Sara sang the swansong to their on and off again affair during the season 4 finale back in March. It’s too bad, too, because I liked Sara. Still, the show must go on. And Neal’s heart will sing again, this time when Bridget Regan’s new character catches his attention.

According to Deadline, when we say recurring role, we really mean it. Regan has signed up for a whopping 10-episode arc on White Collar. Her character is Rebecca Lowe, “a beautiful rare book scholar” who is central to Neal’s latest con.

Does this sound suspicious to you? Do you think Neal really likes her, or is he playing her? Watch your back, lady!

White Collar‘s 5th season is in production now. The Neal and Sara break-up wasn’t the only event to unfold during the season 4 finale. Not by a long shot. Peter was also arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. Not cool at all. You can bet “Mrs. Suit” will be none too pleased.

Regan recently recurred on the CW’s Beauty And The Beast. She’s best known for her character Kahlan Amnell on the now cancelled fantasy series Legend of the Seeker.

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