Castle Season 6: Lisa Edelstein Will Help Beckett Choose Work or Love

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Ever since Lisa Edelstein left House, I’ve been pleased as punch to see her making the rounds on some of the latest and greatest dramas, allowing her to spread her wings and truly soar as an actress. Her victory march continues with her casting in ABC’s Castle, which I can only cross my fingers and hope means she will share at least one scene with Nathan Fillion’s Castle. Those two together would just be the most amazing thing in the world to me. Cuddy and Mal together? I would be over the moon. They’d be able to hear my squeal of glee from the other side of the world.

According to TVLine, Edelstein will be down for a multiple-episode arc as Rachel McCord, a tough and highly skilled Federal Investigator who will play a vital role in Beckett’s decisions regarding her future. As some of you no doubt remember from the Season 5 finale, Beckett was considering moving to Washington D.C. to work on the special task force in the U.S. Attorney General’s office, but her decision was complicated by Castle proposing to her in that final scene. What should Beckett do? It’s that classic choice: your career or your love life? And just how does Edelstein’s Rachel affect everything?

I may be reaching here, but this has the ring of truth to it so just bare with me: perhaps this Rachel will serve as a premonition of sorts for Beckett i.e. a representation of who Beckett could be if she chooses to go to D.C. It’s an old technique, but it’s one of the few tropes that doesn’t elicit an eye roll from me. Of course, I feel like if that’s what they plan to do with Rachel, they need to have another character that would represent Beckett’s life if she chooses to stay with Castle. Of course, she could do both. I don’t see why Castle doesn’t move with her.

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