Helix Syfy

While Billy Campbell is a great actor, starring on The Killing did no favors for him. He spent half of his two seasons on that show in a wheelchair campaigning for mayor in a storyline nobody really cared about. He deserved better. Enter Syfy’s Helix. From Battlestar Galactica developer/executive producer Ronald D. Moore, Helix offers a role with true potential in a story the viewers will actually care about. The only downside is you could’ve made the same argument for The Killing before the show premiered and failed to deliver on expectations. Perhaps the past course of action is to not get too excited about Helix.

Campbell has taken the lead role in Helix, says Deadline, starring as the emotionally troubled CDC pathologist Dr. Alan Farragut. He’s still getting over a failed marriage after his wife had an affair with his brother. And now that same brother is infected with a deadly disease. As a pathologist, Farragut is obligated to find a cure, but I can imagine that must be hard when you’re trying to kill the man who slept with your wife, even if it is your own brother. It’s not so much a moral dilemma – he should save his brother because it’s the right thing to do – but it’s understandable why he might not want to.

But there’s more to it than just saving one person. The team of scientists Farragut belongs to is investigating a possible outbreak, with the entire world in danger of contracting the disease. I don’t know for sure if Farragut is really having any internal dilemma’s about curing his brother, but I have a good feeling it will play some part in the early goings of Helix before giving way to the more pressing threat of a worldwide pandemic.

The Syfy drama is set to start filming it’s 13-episode season in Montreal on July 29 with a debut in January.