The Millers CBS

Jayma Mays may have just found the job she’s been looking for, at last giving her a reason to kiss her time on Glee goodbye. And from the sounds of things, she got lucky at the last minute thanks to another cast member dropping out. Not only that, but she’s joining The Millers, a CBS multicamera comedy from Raising Hope’s Greg Garcia, the perfect place to be if you want to attract viewers. It might not be as edgy as Glee likes to think itself to be, but it has a larger chance of being hugely successful.

According to THR, Mays is replacing Mary Elizabeth Ellis on The Millers, taking over the role of Debbie. The story of The Millers is of a divorced man (Will Arnett) whose life is complicated when his parents divorce and his mother (Margo Martindale) moves in with him. Meanwhile, his father (Beau Bridges) moves in with his sister, Debbie, and her husband. Ellis played Debbie in the pilot opposite Michael Rapaport, who is being replaced as well. Debbie is a mother of two and is stunned at her parents’ divorce, but will not coddle her clueless father in the hopes he will return to his wife.

As far as multicamera comedies go, The Millers has a standup cast. Arnett is one of the funniest actors who always seems to have the worst luck when it comes to attaching himself to a TV series, Arrested Development not withstanding. Adding Bridges and Martindale is what really has my interest. Both are terrific dramatic actors, but they can be unendingly funny when called to.

Mays certainly deserves to be on a series surrounded by such strong talent after Glee demoted her from series regular to recurring status. Clearly Glee took her for granted and now she’s moving on to something better. Of course, I’m just assuming The Millers will be better than Glee, but I don’t think I’m wrong.