Jenna Elfman Takes Parker Posey’s Place in NBC’s Growing Up Fisher

Growing Up Fisher NBC

It wasn’t that long ago that news spread Jenna Elfman was under consideration to take on the lead female role in Growing Up Fisher, formerly known as The Family Guide, after Parker Posey decided to leave the project shortly after it was given its series order. Now I can say with absolute certainty that Elfman has taken the role, which I was, and still am, glad she was offered. Some might not find her to be a desirable actress, but I’ve always enjoyed her spirit, even during her days on Dharma & Greg. I like to hope Growing Up Fisher will be a bigger success for Elfman than her last NBC series, 1600 Penn, was.

NBC closed their deal with Elfman, says TVLine, to take over the part of a divorced mother who finds her adolescence all over again, bringing her closer to her son (Eli Baker). Her son also idolizes his blind father (J.K. Simmons), but how that affects his newfound relationship with his mother isn’t known at this time. While I might be positive about Elfman’s casting, I am absolutely thrilled with Simmons’. He is an endless source of laughs, no matter how small or big a role he has. Making him blind seems like just an extra layer of comedy to be explored.

I’m still left wondering why Parker decided she didn’t want to be a part of this project. Then again, I’m always curious what motivates an actor to back out of a series after only shooting the pilot. Did they not like the experience they had? Or maybe they just have no sense of commitment, at least not until they find something worth committing to. Perhaps Parker’s departure is a sign Growing Up Fisher could use some creative tweaking.

Up All Night’s DJ Nash is executive producing along with Jason Bateman and Jim Garavente. The pilot was directed by Friends alum David Schwimmer.

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