League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Fox

Somewhere out in the wilds of America, Alan Moore is grumbling about how the captains of industry have taken his brilliant ideas and twisted them into moneymaking franchises. Several graphic novels that are credited to his name, including Watchmen, From Hell and V For Vendetta, have received the Hollywood treatment, being adapted into movies with varying degrees of critical success. But by the very nature of adapting a story from one form to another, changes need to be made. These changes have always upset Moore, who has been quite vocal against the films based on his work. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s very upset about a TV show based on League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Fox has given a pilot commitment to the 20th Television adaptation. This won’t be the first time League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has made the jump from paper to screen. A 2003 film was made based on the property and starred Sean Connery. Moore was less than thrilled by this endeavor, attempting to distance himself from the film, which he felt bared little resemblance to the comic book version he wrote. And just how would he feel about a television version? It certainly can’t be worse than the movie and might be even do a better job of bringing his characters to life.

According to THR, the adaptation is being written and executive produced by Michael Green, who will serve as showrunner should League make it to series. Erwin Stoff will also be executive producing, while Moore and illustrator Kevin O’Neill will not be involved. No shock there. But Moore should give this adaptation a chance, not that I expect him to.

League involves Victorian age literary characters, such as Captain Nemo, the Invisible Man, Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, teaming up against a common foe. It’s the first big drama at Fox to be announced for the new development season.