Once Upon a Time ABC

Once Upon a Time went through a number of changes in its second season, shifting its format to keep viewers engaged, and the third season promises to be yet another change to keep things from getting too stale. But with all the characters now spread out, most of whom have left Storybrooke with Neverland as their destination, wouldn’t it be nice to get back to the show’s roots a little bit? I don’t mean the show should do anything drastic, but there are a number of characters that haven’t been seen in quite some time, usually due to actor commitments. Surely Once should be able to get a few of those actors back, like Giancarlo Esposito for instance.

We haven’t seen Esposito since Season 1, when he was locked up by Regina for screwing up the framing of Snow White for Kathryn’s supposed murder. Since then I’ve been wondering what reporter Sidney Glass has been up to. After such a long wait, we’re finally getting Esposito back, says TVLine, but we might not necessarily see Sidney at all. With Once’s penchant for flashbacks, we could see Esposito as Regina’s Magic Mirror or, going even further back in time, he could appear as the genie of Agrabah, which might be preferable if it leads to the introduction of more characters from Aladdin.

In order to appear on Once, which he’s only scheduled for one episode early in Season 3, Esposito has to take some time off his starring gig on NBC’s Revolution, where he plays the vicious Tom Neville. But for me he’ll always be Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad. He first appeared on Once because Gus was killed off, giving Esposito a ton of free time. While I enjoy Neville and Sidney, and even his couple of guest appearances on Community, nothing he’s done recently holds a candle to his impressive work on Breaking Bad.