Once Upon a Time ABC

With Once Upon a Time finally headed toward Peter Pan’s Neverland, we’re finally in a position to talk about everyone’s favorite band of wild orphans: the Lost Boys. More importantly, I can announce the very first Lost Boy to be cast in Once’s upcoming third season. You might recognize him for playing another fairy tale character, Pinocchio, in a 2008 TV-miniseries: Robbie Kay.

TVLine reported Kay’s casting as a Lost Boy, but couldn’t say which one he would be playing. The original Lost Boys consisted of Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, Curly, and the Twins, so Kay could be playing any one of those six characters, but Once might look elsewhere for its Lost Boys. Considering there’s a search for someone to play the Lost Boy’s mischievous, and sometimes twisted, leader Rufio, there might be a few characters from the Robin Williams’ movie, Hook, which featured many Lost Boys not from the original story, including Rufio. Some of those characters were Thud Butt, Pockets, Ace, Don’t Ask, Too Small, Latchboy, and No Nap.

Everyone should know about the Lost Boys if they know anything about the legend of Peter Pan. They’re a group of boys who were lost by their parents or guardians and were taken to Neverland when no one would claim them and lived with Peter Pan and never grew old. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Well, Once is doing something a little different with Peter Pan, so I wouldn’t expect the Lost Boys to be as innocent as they were originally made to be. It seems like Peter Pan is kidnapping children, making the Lost Boys either his prisoners or his accomplices.

I’m hoping the Lost Boys are prisoners on Neverland, but I wouldn’t say no to a few of them being persuaded to join Pan’s cause; Stockholm Syndrome is always an entertaining bit to toss in.

Once will return with Season 3 on Sunday, Sept. 29.