Ravenswood ABC Family

For quite some time now, we’ve known about who the five characters who would be anchoring Ravenswood would be, but what about the supporting characters, the ones waiting on the sidelines to be tagged in when they’re needed the most? Recurring characters are what help build the world of a television show and when your particular show is dealing with a curse that affects an entire town, you need to introduce more than just a few constant faces. Aussie soap opera star Steven Cabral will help expand the cast list in a, hopefully, effective way. By the sounds of it, we’ll be seeing plenty of him in the new series.

According to ET, Cabral will be playing Raymond Collins, the handsome but guarded member of Miranda Collins’ (Nicole Anderson) clan. Those are all the details given about the character, but considering he’s clearly related to Miranda, I’m quite certain he’ll be seen a fair amount. With a bit of poking around, I might’ve been able to scrounge up one or two extra details about Raymond, but they are in no way guaranteed to be accurate. Miranda is said to be a foster child, so it’s possible Raymond is as well. This opens up the door for the possibility that they are not blood-related. They still might be, but I’m not counting on it. TV is always more interesting when brothers and sisters aren’t really related.

The story of Ravenswood, which is a spinoff of Pretty Little Liars, is that of a town that has been ravaged by a deadly curse for generations. Five strangers, played by Tyler Blackburn, Nicole Anderson, Britne Oldford, Brett Dier and Merritt Patterson, will have their lives intertwined due to the curse. The series will premiere in late October 2013 after the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode, where the town of Ravenswood will first be introduced. Blackburn is the only Liars actor moving on to star in Ravenswood.