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The search has begun for the best candidates to bolster The Good Wife’s cast for Season 5 and already a couple of gems have been unearthed. It’ll be a while before we’ll get to see these new additions in action, but just knowing they are what await us in the future is reason enough to patiently wait for the new season. We’ve got a new, but perhaps old, love interest for Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) and a new face of honesty surrounding Peter (Chris Noth), but who may still lead him astray. Whether or not either of these potential love affairs actually makes physical contact is anyone’s guess this early in the game, but it’s fun to know the temptation will be there.

Knowing how overtly sexual Kalinda is, you shouldn’t be surprised English actress Juliet Rylance will play her new love interest. She’ll join Season 5, says TVLine, in the recurring role of Holly, a whip-smart Assistant State’s Attorney. What’s more important is she shares a past with Kalinda, but is it a past filled with joyful memories or painful regrets? Is Holly the one that got away or just a fling that never amounted to much until now? There are so many possibilities and so few clues to what’s the truth.

TVLine also reported on the casting of Melissa George from Cinemax’s Hunted. She’ll be recurring as Marilyn, taking the job of the newly elected Governor Florrick’s in-house ethics counsel. She’s described as being smart, sexy, savvy and a stickler for honesty and observing rules. Considering her job revolves around ethics, I would say being honest as an important aspect of doing her job. But how well will she follow the rules if there’s an obvious attraction between her and Peter? Will her position turn out to be harmful to the new governor? We’ll find out when The Good Wife returns Sept. 29.