Arrow CW

The Killing’s third season had a lot of things that made it a sizeable step up from previous seasons and one of the biggest successes was the finding on Bex Taylor-Klaus AKA Bullet, the tough street kid who ended up befriending Det. Holder. Unfortunately, Bullet won’t be returning to The Killing – a side effect of death – but Taylor-Klaus has made her presence known and has already been scooped up by the CW for a couple of guest appearances on the second season of Arrow. How impressed are you by this young actress? If she’s not the next big name in Hollywood then the system is broken.

Following up her first major drama role with a superhero series is pretty awesome in my book and Taylor-Klaus is perfect for the part Arrow has for you. She perfected the street urchin character in The Killing, but now she’ll take it to a new level by playing Sin. According to THR, Taylor-Klaus will appear in Episodes 3 and 4 of Season 2 as Sin, a wayward youth befriended by Black Canary and who shares a connection with Roy Harper (Colton Haynes). Sin is a character first introduced to DC Comics in a 1999 issue of Birds of Prey.

It’s hard to say how much of Sin’s comic background will make its way into Arrow since so many changes are made during the adaptation process. We’ve already seen some serious character changes, which is a good thing. It keeps things fresh. But one thing I would like to see from the comics is the idea of Sin and Black Canary having an almost sisterly – or even mother/daughter – relationship.

I’m truly excited for Taylor-Klaus’ future and hope to see her pop up in many more roles, hopefully with a little more variety than a slew of street kids. Let’s glam her up a bit, make her someone of means. While we’re at it, let’s make her a farmer. Why a farmer? Just because, my friend, just because.