Chicago Fire NBC

Chicago Fire is going for a different kind of heat to fight against than what you would usually expect from a series about firefighters. The change comes along with the casting of Mena Suvari (American Pie franchise) who will be the central cause of this new kind of heat that will no doubt leave a few fires in its wake, but I don’t expect any buildings to burn down as a consequence. But I suppose it could happen if the timing is right and she’s in a sufficiently dry place… Wow, anyway: Suvari will be making herself fairly well known throughout Chicago Fire’s second season, so you might as well get to know her character a little bit beforehand.

According to Deadline, Suvari will be recurring as Isabella, a close friend of Dawson (Monica Raymond) who is enlisted to help Mouch (Christian Stolte) with his campaign as President of the Chicago Firefighters Union. Now would be a good time to reveal the heat Suvari will be bringing to the show is of a sexual nature. That being said, don’t expect any hanky panky to be going on between Mouch and Isabella – they keep their working relationship strictly professional. But that doesn’t mean Isabella can’t cause a little friction with one of Mouch’s fellow firefighters.

Now which firefighter would be so lucky as to end up in bed with the lovely Suvari? Jesse Spencer’s Casey is a likely candidate, what with the death of his ex-fiancée. The man’s going to hurting and a little fling might be good for him. But that doesn’t rule out any of the other firefighters. Severide (Taylor Kinney) is the known ladies’ man, so I wouldn’t put it past him to take the chance and bed Isabella, but I’m hoping he doesn’t. For whatever reason, I really want Casey to be the man to make some heat with Isabella. It just works for me.