Criminal Minds CBS

Criminal Minds will be getting itself a new, but likely familiar face, to anyone who has been absolutely glued to CBS these last several years or so. Eva LaRue is guest starring in an upcoming Season 9 episode, so try to contain your excitment. I find it rather humorous she would take this gig. With CSI: Miami behind her, despite the seven years she spent on the job, LaRue must have been feeling that aching long that only actors of CBS crime procedurals must feel. Why else would she want to return to this world of popular, if not critically loved, television? Oh, that’s right. There’s money to be gained by doing this work.

In all seriousness, it sounds like LaRue had a blast working on set alongside the likes of Shemar Moore and A.J. Cook. She even posted a photo to Instagram looking completely happy at where she is. In fact, it was LaRue who announced her own casting, posting to her Twitter account “Wish I were still playing Natalia on CSI Miami, but playing Agent Mays on Criminal Minds is the next best thing!” Agent Mays is, of course, the character she will be playing. She didn’t say what kind of role she’d have, but since she has the title of Agent, I would assume she’d be assisting on a case in some capacity.

CBS certainly seems to consider its extensive catalogue of crime procedurals as a family, often lending out actors to other shows, or giving them new homes after their respective series have reached an end. For LaRue, saying goodbye to CSI: Miami must not have been easy, so to be taken in by Criminal Minds, even for one episode, is like a family member offering you temporary work until you find something more permanent. Considering LaRue thinks of Agent Mays as the next big thing, maybe she’ll be sticking around longer than anticipated.