Houdini History Channel

You know who would look good dressed up like a magician? Adrien Brody. The man has a certain quality to him that lends itself to the stage. And damn, does he look good in a tuxedo! Put a top hat on this guy, maybe a cape for good measure, and you could sell countless seats to a show. Of course, he’s not a real magician – for the record, I have no actual knowledge that Brody isn’t a practicing magician – but that doesn’t mean he can’t pretend to be one. He is, after all, an actor. The History Channel must have been thinking the same thing, because they’ve picked up Brody to play the star of its latest historical miniseries, Houdini.

The four-hour miniseries, from executive producers Gerald W. Abrams and Andras Hamori, will follow the life of Harry Houdini from his early life in poverty all the way to his worldwide fame. To add a little sizzle, there’ll be some espionage, a few antagonistic spiritualists and several meetings with other famous people of the age, including U.S. presidents, Grigori Rasputin and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. According to THR, Brody will portray the great magician Houdini and Kristen Connolly (House of Cards) will play his wife Bess.

Academy Award nominee Uli Edel will be directing from a script written by Nicholas Meyer. Houdini is set for a fall production start and likely owes its life to the success of fellow History Channel miniseries, The Bible, which was a huge success both critically and in the ratings. Brody called Houdini one of his heroes and finds the opportunity to portray to be an honor. I couldn’t agree more. I just hope History manages to do as good a job with Houdini as it did with The Bible. And they had better not reveal any of his secrets. The Alliance of Magicians wouldn’t be too pleased if anything was leaked. They demand to be taken seriously.