Eastbound & Down HBO

Lindsay Lohan is back on the streets after yet another stint at rehab and she’s already getting back to work. Any takers on how long she’ll stay sober this time? There was a time when I was excited for the idea of Lohan making a comeback, but I’ve since become disenchanted by her sad sack story of court dates and drug usage. Still, she must be talking to the right people if she’s already snagging a few gigs – she guest-hosted Chelsea Lately and has an eight-part docu-series coming to OWN. And now she’ll be guest starring on Danny McBride’s raunchy HBO comedy, Eastbound & Down.

According to E! Online, Lohan is scheduled to appear in the series’ fourth and final season, playing the daughter of one of the show’s main characters. She’s reportedly filmed a wedding scene set many years in the future, with many of the actors made up to look much older. Lohan missed out on the aging make up, but she had her own difficulties to over come, supposedly having to reshoot a kissing scene several times. And just so we don’t leave any doubt, Lohan’s character is in fact the bride at this wedding. All that’s left is to figure out whose daughter she’s playing.

Since we’re flashing forward a number of years, Lohan could be playing just about anyone’s daughter, but I think McBride’s Kenny Powers is the most likely candidate. It won’t be long until we find for certain since Season 4 is set to premiere Sept. 29 and will only run for eight episodes. The final season has Kenny, a former pro baseball player, living the American dream with his family in North Carolina after having faked his death in the Season 3 finale. The whole season is set several years in the future, but it’s unclear if the wedding scene Lohan shot is set during the same period of time or even further in the future.