The Women Of Person of Interest Will Fight Over Warren Kole

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Person of Interest’s population of women has increased drastically going into its third season and the writers are fully prepared to take advantage of the opportunities it now has to do more stories centered on the female crime fighters at its disposal. Unfortunately, I have a feeling what’s planned won’t win over any feminists anytime soon, no matter how attractive the recently cast Warren Kole might appear to be. At times like this, I really hope there’s a sizable amount of women writers on PoI’s writing team because that’s the only thing that will protect it from any kind of backlash over what’s coming.

According to TVLine, Kole, who spent some recent time recurring on The Following, will guest-star as a POI that Detective Carter, Agent Shaw, and Zoe Morgan have set their sights on and will do anything they can to get his attention. You can see why I might be worried this plot would alienate some of the show’s female viewers. These are very strong women, but from the sounds of the episode they’ll be going nuts trying to get this one guy, who was described by executive producer Greg Plageman as “a real lothario,” to give them the time of day.

Luckily, I don’t think that’s really what’s happening here. There’s no doubt this guy is a lady killer, but I can’t believe Carter, Shaw, and Zoe would stoop so low just for a guy. No, I think their attempts to catch his eye is part of the attempt to get close to him in order to save his life or prevent from hurting someone. That’s how this show works. Someone’s number comes up and Reese has to get close to them to figure out if they’re the good guy or the bad. With this guy, it’ll be easier if one of the very attractive women on the show does the work. If that’s the case, this could be a very fun episode.

PoI returns on Sept. 24, now airing on Tuesdays. Kole will appear in Episode 3.

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