Ravenswood ABC Family

With a couple of months still separating us from the premiere of Pretty Little Liars’ dark spinoff, Ravenswood, all we have to occupy our time is to gush over the recent casting of Luke Benward. And when I say “we” I of course mean all of you and definitely not me because there’s no way I would be smitten by a Disney Channel star like Benward. So what if he’s grown into a fine young man. I’m not that kind of guy, okay? I’m only reporting this for you guys so you have the information. I haven’t even seen Girl vs. Monster, so you can’t say I’m really a fan. I’ll deny it.

Anyway, Benward is joining Ravenswood as Olivia’s (Merritt Patterson) boyfriend Dillon. Hollywoodlife.com describes Dillon as a “good looking, loyal and sweet small-town American teen” who, as far as I can tell, will only be around to serve as a shoulder for Olivia to lean on while she goes through a crisis of identity following a rather rough fall from grace. She’s not the prom queen she once was is what I’m saying. And poor Dillon will have to be there for her, as no teenaged guy is mentally prepared for. Good luck, Dillon. You’re going to need it more than you know. Just remember, tell her she looks beautiful even when she’s crying. It’s your only hope.

Benward has starred in three Disney Channel Original Movies, starting with Minutemen and ending with the upcoming Cloud 9, wherein he plays Will, a former snowboarding champion coming to terms with the end of his career. He was practically destined to be a teen heartthrob and now that he’s 18 and mature you can easily see the path his career is going to take. After Ravenswood, he’ll be making the covers of magazines and getting cast in comedies opposite equally attractive and fertile young actresses. His life is truly blessed.