Ravenswood ABC Family

Our favorite Pretty Little Liars spinoff is expanding its cast yet again as it prepares for its October premiere. Ravenswood, which is revolving around a group of five who become entangled in the curse surrounding the titular town, is a series that will be made or broken by its supporting cast. When your whole series is based around a generations long curse affecting a single town, you better be using the townspeople in effective ways. Ravenswood has put together its first important couple and, to make them feel just a bit more real, has cast a real life couple to bring the characters to life.

According to TVLine, married couple Henry Simmons (NYPD Blue) and Sophina Brown (Numb3rs) will both be recurring as Simon and Terry Beaumont, the parents of series regular Remy (Britne Oldford). Simon runs the local paper and is distrustful of out-of-towners, so watch out Caleb! Simon will know you’re from Rosewood and be incredibly rude to you because of it. As for Terry, she’s served in the military and has only just recently returned home. Unfortunately, she’ll be battling survivor’s guilt. It’s not an enviable situation to be in. She may be back home with her family, but she’s brought the war back with her.

I’m sure the rest of the main cast will have their parents introduced as well, but only time will tell if what I think is right. Spoiler alert: it usually isn’t. Still, I have high hopes for Ravenswood, which should be plenty different from Pretty Little Liars, even if the town isn’t that far away. Simmons and Brown will be great assets and will, in my mind, help flesh out this crazy town and help firmly establish this curse as having affected many generations. Parents are going to be important, I guarantee it. And if I’m wrong, well, don’t tell me. Let me die is blissful ignorance.