Sons of Anarchy FX

If you’ve been keeping up on all the latest news about Sons of Anarchy’s upcoming sixth season then you might be a little confused by what we see in this promo video, showing us how Clay is handling things in prison. Creator Kurt Sutter has said Clay would find himself on a redemptive path this season, yet we quite clearly see him working alongside the possibly insane Lee Toric (Donal Logue) despite being behind bars. And to top it all off, the promo ends with Clay saying he wants to hurt Jax. Does this sound like a guy who’s redeeming himself?

The easy answer is a simple no, but it’s also an ignorant one. I was, at first, a little shocked to see Clay was doing the opposite of redeeming himself, but I remembered this is a television series and characters never change on a dime. They need to arc and for Clay to complete his arc he needs to still be in a place where we can hate him. Going after Jax is an easy way to hate him. And if he’s hateable then he’s in a position to climb upwards to redemption. This promo is merely showing us his rock bottom.

That being said, Jax should still watch his back. Even if Clay changes his mind and no longer wishes Jax any harm, who knows what Lee Toric will do. The guy is a serious nut job, which might be why I love him so much. He’s just an oddball in a terrifying sort of way. I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark alley, that’s for sure. Though, to be honest, I wouldn’t want to run into any of the SAMCRO boys. They’re so fierce. I feel like if I said the wrong thing to any of them they’d beat my ass into the payment faster than I could tell them how nice their bikes are.