Chicago PD NBC

Now that his career as a killer cop has come to an end on The Killing, Elias Koteas is looking for work to fill up his spare time. Thankfully, the actor didn’t have to search all that long or hard. He’s trading in his killer cop persona and adopting something more like a cop with a secret. It might be he’s another killer, but considering the long-style format of storytelling that broadcast networks are accustomed to, I’d say Koteas won’t be going around killing more innocent people. Instead, he’ll join the ranks of Chicago PD, the spinoff of NBC’s Chicago Fire.

It isn’t too often a series is given a spinoff during its first season, but Chicago Fire, which came from Dick Wolf (the Law & Order franchise), somehow managed to convince the higher ups that it was a safe investment. The lives of Chicago’s fire fighters proved interesting enough, so why not do a series about the Chicago Police Department? THR reported Koteas would be in a series regular position as Alvin Olinsky. He’s a long-time undercover detective in the Intelligence Unit. He was in uniform with Voight (Jason Beghe) and shares a secret over a fellow cop’s death. See, what’d I tell you about keeping secrets? And it does involve somebody’s death; I just don’t think Koteas killed him.

Maybe Koteas knows who did kill this cop and doesn’t want to be a rat. That’s a secret I think might be worth keeping, especially if you’re a particularly loyal cop. Or maybe the dead cop was shady, dealing with the wrong people, and Koteas didn’t want to tarnish his reputation. There are so many options here!

The backdoor pilot for Chicago PD aired during the first season of Chicago Fire and the series will follow the goings-on at – you guessed it – the Chicago PD. The series will also see Sophia Bush, Patrick Flueger, Jon Seda, and Jesse Lee Soffer in the cast.