With CSI’s epic milestone 300th episode approaching in its 14th season, the long running crime procedural will need plenty of guest stars to make the occasion feel of an appropriate scope. Bethany Joy Lenz, who just came off a recurring arc on Dexter’s final season, will be joining the cast of Episode 300, which is airing Oct. 23, and has been given a role that both sounds completely unassuming and normal, but reeks of something rotting beneath the surface. And because I fancy myself a detective of sorts – and not a very good one, just enthusiastic – I’ll get to the bottom of what her deal is within the next 200 words.

Let’s look at the facts: according to TVLine, Lenz is guest starring as a sexy, seemingly normal-looking mother of two in an episode that is bringing back past faces, like former CSI star Marg Helgenberger, as a cold case from 14 years ago becomes all too relevant. “They have to investigate a murder with the same M.O. and the same suspect from 14 years ago,” said executive producer Don McGill. Somehow, Lenz must fit into this investigation. The only clue I can see is the weird descriptor of being “normal-looking.” It seems out of place. What could it possibly mean?

I see two options here: either she’s put on a façade that she’s just your average mother, when in reality she’s hiding some skeletons in her closet, possibly with connections to our murderer; or she’s literally put on a different face. Maybe she’s hiding some horrible scars underneath the face she allows to be seen by the rest of the world. It could be a mask or she might’ve gotten reconstructive surgery to hide some past identity, perhaps an identity that would’ve been relevant 14 years ago? I think we’re on the right track here. This woman, no matter if she’s wearing a literal or figurative façade, is hiding some connection to the killer.