The Mentalist CBS

Soon The Mentalist will be down two series regulars, which means the show will be having what is, essentially, try outs. Over the course of Season 6, you can expect a few new faces popping up that could become regulars if they prove a good fit for the show and they receive some form of positive feedback. You can never be too sure in these situations if someone is going to work out – many shows have tried this method and decided it would be best to just get rid of the fresh blood and try again. For the time being, Emily Swallow is currently up for consideration.

With Amanda Righetti and Owain set to exit the series, Swallow will need to be tested to see how well she blends in with the world of The Mentalist. According to TVLine, she’ll be playing Kim Fischer, an enigmatic woman who will have a profound influence on Jane’s life. Currently Swallow is only scheduled to appear in three episodes, but if all goes well we’ll see that influence stretch out across dozens of episodes when Swallow becomes a regular. Now just because she has the potential to get the bump up in status – and money – doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to happen. Swallow could easily be passed on.

Also up for consideration this season is Rockmond Dunbar, who will be playing FBI Supervisory Agent Dennis Abbott. I’m hoping both of these new characters will be fun to have around, even if they don’t end up being regulars. Nothing is quite as bad as characters that are just torture to watch. I have faith in Swallow and Dunbar; though I’ve yet to see their characters, both actors have impressed upon me in the past their immense talent. I would not be surprised if both of them were given regular status. As much as it sucks to have to say goodbye to Righetti and Yeoman, The Mentalist would be lucky to have Swallow and Dunbar.