Intelligence CBS

While we’re still going to be waiting a while for Intellgience to air on CBS, it’s nice to know which familiar faces we can look forward to seeing come Feb. 24. The midseason drama is starring former Lost dreamboat Josh Holloway, so any fans of Lost will no doubt find this actress very familiar. She should stick out fairly well in your mind considering she was one of only two people who died from mishandling dynamite. If you said Zuleikha Robinson, you would be correct! She will be joining her former Lost cast member in Intelligence for what seems like a very important role. Just kidding – it is very important.

According to EW, Robinson will be recurring as Amelia, the wife to Holloway’s leading man, Gabriel. She’s an intelligence officer and has been missing for some time. Whether or not she starts off the series missing or is disappears within the first episode is up for discussion. But more pressing questions concern me, such as: why is she missing? Was she taken, as I assume, or was she killed in action? I would hope she’s still alive, otherwise that means the bulk of Robinson’s time on the show will be in flashbacks. But if she was taken, then the door opens for more fun. Maybe she’s being experimented on in the hopes of giving her the same kind of implant that her husband received.

In case you didn’t know, Gabriel has a microchip in his brain that gives him access to a global information grid and he uses it to protect the US from outside threats. That’s a pretty big responsibility for one guy – and is totally the plotline of Chuck, but whatever – and you have to know the bad guys will try and make their own version of this tech. You’d think they would use one of their own guys, but why not take Gabriel’s wife? It adds some emotionality to the proceedings.