Castle ABC

Castle is going to get a facelift when it brings in guest star Annie Wersching of 24 fame. Fortunately, I don’t mean a literal facelift – nothing about Castle is going to be changing in any major way. What Wersching will bring to the series is yet another character in connection to a murder, so really it’s the same old Castle. What makes Wersching’s character interesting is her profession: she’ll be a cosmetic surgeon. Now you get what I meant by facelift, yeah? It was a play on words! I’ll give everyone a second to control their laughter before continuing with the bulk of this story.

According to TVLine, not only will Wersching be portraying a cosmetic surgeon, but also she’s what you would call elite. And, of course, she inevitably draws the attention of the NYPD’s detectives because of her connection to a murder victim. My guess – I think we can all agree it’s a sensible guess – is her character, Dr. Kelly Nieman, did some surgery on our victim not too long before he or she met his or her untimely end. Is it possible she’s the murderer? Perhaps she botched the surgery in order to end the victim’s life. Perhaps she “accidentally” left a pair of scissors inside the body.

I’m going to out on a limb and say this Dr. Kelly was framed for this murder. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the real murderer made the kill look like the job of a demented surgeon? I’m not entirely sure how that would work, which is why I don’t write murder mysteries! I just don’t have the knowledge to craft such brilliant murder schemes.

Wersching is well known for playing Agent Renee Walker on 24, but since she gave up that role, she’s done plenty of guest work and recurring roles on a variety of TV shows. You’ve likely seen her in NCIS, Body of Proof, Revolution and Dallas.