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And just like that, Paget Brewster is coming back to Criminal Minds after struggling so hard to get away. But don’t get too excited. I know fans of Brewster’s Emily Prentiss will be stoked to hear she’s coming back to the series, but it’s only for a very limited time; a special occasion if you will. Every series likes to do something special when it reaches a milestone and Criminal Minds has a big one coming up in its ninth season. The series will reach 200 episodes (the premiere was episode 187) and will celebrate by bringing back one of its most beloved characters.

Deadline reported Brewster would be returning only for the 200th episode, simply because it’s special and, according to showrunner Erica Messer, it wasn’t even thinkable without Brewster’s involvement. The episode will take us back to the past, revealing exactly what happened to JJ Jareau during her year away from the BAU, as well as shedding light on a present-day case. Brewster’s appearance could merely be in flashback, but I’m hoping she’ll pop up to help out in the current case. This must mean there wasn’t any bad blood between Brewster and the producers of the show. For years Brewster tried to get out of Criminal Minds and only managed to fully succeed – she failed to leave once before – in May 2012. I thought it likely she’d never come back, but it’s good to see I thought wrong.

Now I know this is a long shot, but wouldn’t it be awesome if Criminal Minds could get Mandy Patinkin for the 200th? I know he virtually hated the show for its depictions of violence against women, but he was the original star! If you’re going to celebrate a milestone, you should at least consider bringing him on board. There must be some amount of money that would persuade him to return for one episode. His Homeland paycheques can’t be that great.