There’s nothing quite like digging into a character with a rich backstory that can be mined for all its worth. That’s the approach CSI is taking with the character Sherry Stringfield will be portraying this fall. With George Eads taking a leave of absence over what is being called a “creative differences” with a pregnant writer on the series, there’s going to be a gap in the CSI team, which is where Stringfield comes in and why her character is going to be so well developed for only being a guest. Maybe she’ll do such a great job CSI will consider letting Eads go and just keeping Stringfield. God only knows she’s no stranger to TV procedurals.

The former ER star will be guest starring as Dawn, a likable blue-collar swing shift CSI who will, according to TVLine, join up with Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) to investigate a serial rapist case. It’s not the most enjoyable case to work – really though, when are any of these cases enjoyable? – but with Dawn I’m sure work provides a welcome distraction from her home life. When she’s not hitting the grind, busting criminals, she’s at home managing her son’s addiction issues. And I’m sure she’s never rewarded for what she does for her son. Such is life – next to no gratitude for the ones who truly deserve it.

Stringfield will appear later this fall and likely bring the moods of every viewer tuning in straight to something close to depression. I don’t expect her story to be an easy one to swallow, but it should be a great way for Stringfield to stretch her acting muscles. What I’m dreading is seeing her son, regardless of who they cast to play him. An addict in these types of situations is usually the most ungrateful piece of shit imaginable. I hate watching them, even though they’re an accurate depiction of real life addicts.