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There’s a whole world of superhero-related comedy that has yet to be fully explored because, quite ridiculously, most audiences are too wrapped up in the more serious ventures put out by Marvel and DC in the form of movies and television dramas. But that’s why we have brilliant minds like Felicia Day, who has created a platform where less typical types of programs can be tackled. Day’s Geek & Sundry YouTube channel is going to be the future home of a new web series from Amy Berg and Mike Sizemore, called Caper. It’s the exact kind of silliness that I’ve been wanting from a superhero series for the longest time.

The web series will reunite Berg with Leverage star Beth Riesgraf, who will be playing one of four superheroes who, according to THR, are forced to consider a life of crime in order to fund their crime-fighting lifestyles. Not everyone can be as rich as Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark, am I right? At some point, you have to wonder how these superheroes all make ends meat when they spend the majority of their funds on costumes and gadgets. How do they pay their rent and purchase groceries? This is exactly the kind of poke-funnery this type of genre needs. And I can’t wait to see how it affects their actual crime fighting. How do you stop a criminal when you yourself are guilty of crime committing?

The cast so far includes, on top of Riesgraf, Glee’s Harry Shum Jr, Justified’s Abby Miller, and Glory Daze’s Hartley Sawyer. Donald Murphy will direct the series. It’s said to be a fun and colorful comedy about friendship, community and what it takes to be a hero, though you have to admit it sounds like villainy will be explored as well. Production on the series is already underway and joins The Guild as one of Geek & Sundry’s original scripted web series.