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There might be love blossoming for Hank (Russel Hornby) in Grimm’s third season, though whether it’s ill advised remains to be seen. Love can be a fickle bitch and you never know how it’s going to turn out when you enter into a relationship. You can’t be too wary, otherwise you’d never find The One, but if you’re too eager you wind up getting hurt when you needn’t have. As Hank meets his new potential love interest, I hope he stops to think about what he’s getting himself into. Maybe this isn’t the kind of girl he should be getting involved with. But then again, maybe she’s his soul mate.

As reported by TVLine, Sharon Leal is joining Season 3 for a multi-episode arc as physical therapist Zuri Ellis. She’ll have spent the last two months helping hank out with busted ankle, which should immediately tell you that Hank should steer clear of this broad. You never, never, get involved with either your doctor or your therapist. Since Zuri is essentially both, that rule goes double for her. I don’t care how smart, beautiful or mysterious she is, you just don’t date someone who knows the things only doctors and therapists should know. That’s a relationship asking for trouble. Hank needs to ignore any stirrings he might feel in his lower regions and move on.

Adding even more danger signs, co-creator David Greenwalt reiterated Hank would be in a romance this season, but also said he wasn’t one hundred percent sure Hank wouldn’t be dating a Wesen. Presumably, if Hank becomes involved with a Wesen, it would be under false pretences. I doubt he would willingly get involved with one; she must keep it a closely guarded secret from him. He’d probably freak out once he found out. So Hank, please don’t get involved with Zuri. She’s trouble. I can see it, why can’t you?