Justified FX

Justified’s upcoming fifth season is quickly being surrounded by a murder of Crowes. The big bads for the season are yet another family of criminals, but this time they hail from Florida and won’t be nearly as cute and cuddly as the Bennetts. While the Bennetts were dangerous and extremely fun to watch, the Crowe’s seem to be a more sophisticated bunch, with Dale Crowe’s – the patriarch of the family – gator farm as the only tip off thus far that they might not be well-adjusted city folk. The more we learn about the Crowes, the more excited I become for Justified’s return this winter. Knowing CSI: NY’s AJ Buckley is joining the flock is makes it ever more titillating.

According to TV Guide, Buckley will be recurring as Danny Crowe, who is described as a romantic sociopath. It almost sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? How can a man be sociopathic ­(displaying anti-social tendencies and lack of conscience) and still be a romantic? Well let me tell you; you do not have to be well adjusted mentally to be a romantic. To be a romantic is just to have romantic beliefs; you don’t need to actually woo anybody. Danny might have never even been with a woman, but still might find the idea of love exciting. And he’s also good with a knife.

He sounds like he’s going to be an interesting character based on what little we know of him. The Crowes are all relatives of recurring character Dewey Crowe, who has been known to associate himself with Boyd Crowder, Raylan’s ever-present nemesis. When Justified airs in early 2014, I hope the inclusion of the Crowes means we’ll be seeing Dewey again. I missed seeing the little guy in Season 4 and would be even more upset if he were absent for another season while his extended family ran around causing all kinds of mayhem.