The Outlaws Amazon

The beautiful and feisty Natalie Zea, known for her roles in Justified and The Following, is changing gears a tad and steering away from the dramas she’s been a large part of these last few years. Instead, the actress has attached herself to a new comedy pilot for Amazon called Outlaws. Seeing as it’s just a pilot, this doesn’t mean Zea won’t still be a part of The Following’s second season; she’s just covering all her bases to make sure she still has a job. And you know, I think a comedy would go well for her after how bleak The Following was for her character.

Jeremy Garelick and Jon Weinbach wrote The Outlaws and Jay Chandrasekhar is directing. It tells the tale of the ins and outs of a professional football team, taking on the perspectives of both the players and the back office. The pilot centers on Julie Levin (Zea), reports Deadline. She’s the wife of a pro-football team owner who ends up needing to run the flailing organization after her husband dies. It’s not the greatest situation to wind up in, especially if you’re less than enthused about the sport of football. I’m not certain why Julie is the one who has to run the team, but I’m sure there will be a satisfactory plot reason for it, aside from the clear indication the humor will be found in Julie’s lack of expertise.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of The Following – by that I mean I hated it – Zea was great in Justified and I still miss her in that particular series, though I recognize her importance had diminished over the years. While I can’t say that I’ve ever seen her comedic talents on display, it’s never a bad idea to give comedy a chance. Andre Braugher, quite the dour looking actor, has been doing great on Brooklyn Nine Nine, so I imagine Zea will be just fine as the lead of The Outlaws.