Community NBC

The stars have aligned in the geek universe, granting the wishes of all who have been dying to see Nathan Fillion enter the study room of Community. His casting has been a number of years in the making as Fillion is a self-proclaimed superfan of the NBC comedy. He’s visited the set in the past and taken pictures with the cast and yet it’s only now that he’s managed to land a guest-starring role. He’s just one of many great guest stars who will be appearing in Community’s still unscheduled fifth season. Maybe now that someone as awesome as Fillion has joined the cast, NBC will figure out when they want this season to air.

Fillion’s involvement is as wacky as you might expect from this series. Deadline reported he would be playing Bob Waite, the politically savvy head custodian at Greendale who’s not afraid to get dirty, but is smart enough to wear rubber gloves. He’ll cross paths with Annie (Alison Brie) and Professor Hickey (Jonathon Banks) as they team up to navigate Greendale’s corridors of power. I’m not certain what powers are being referred to in that description; as far as I know, Greendale has no powers. The place is a toilet. But I’m intrigued by Fillion’s character and even more intrigued by the thought of Fillion and Banks interacting. They’re representatives of two of my favorite series: Firefly and Breaking Bad.

Along with Fillion and Banks, Walton Goggins of Justified fame – yet another favorite of mine – will guest star. Returning to Community will be Rob Cordry, as Jeff’s (Joel McHale) old lawyer friend, and John Oliver, back as Professor Ian Duncan after a two-season absence. When Community finally returns, it will be with Dan Harmon back in the creative chair, running the series in ways only he knows how. This should ensure Season 5 will be a cut above the previous season, which was run by Moses Port and David Guarascio.