Salen WGN America

Now that Nikita is on its way out, its final season set to debut later this month, Shane West is going to need a new day job. Ever since West appeared in A Walk to Remember, I’ve had the biggest man crush on him. He’s just so adorably likeable. I almost wish I could’ve been in Mandy Moore’s place, except without the terminal cancer. West is awesome in pretty much every way – he was in a band for a few years – and deserves to be on my TV screen. He’s going to leave his spy days behind him for a life of witch hunts in a period piece.

According to Deadline, West is set to be the male lead in WGN America’s first scripted series Salem. Taking place in 17th century Massachusetts, when it was popular to burn women at the stake, the drama series seeks to explore what really fuelled those infamous witch trials. It will center on Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery), the beautiful, ruthless, but vulnerable wife of the ancient, ailing, but very wealthy George Sibley, one of the Salem town Selectmen. West will be playing John Alden, a hardened veteran of ten years of war and captivity at the hands on the Indians. He returns to Salem just as the town is in a frenzy over the Witch Hunts led by Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel).

Also starring in Salem is Tamzin Merchant as Anne Hale, a talented artist who is attracted to John, yet is unaware of his history with Mary. It doesn’t surprise me at all that West’s character would have a couple of ladies pining after him. Just look at the guy. He’s down right handsome. I could watch him woo women all day long and never grow tired. In fact, I think I’ll watch A Walk to Remember just for old time’s sake. I better make sure I have some tissues handy; it’s a tearjerker.