Two and a Half Men CBS

There’s something brewing in the love life of Two and a Half Men’s Alan (Jon Cryer). But is that something of positive value? It’s rare that this CBS comedy allows Alan much happiness when it comes to long-term relationships, so it’s not all that surprising there might be something that will wind up getting between Alan and his latest tryst. What is surprising is the past that the woman is hiding, which seems to have something to do with another woman. It’s enough to make me curious about just what the heck is going on in this potentially messy situation.

According to TVLine, Paula Marshall was cast as Alan’s love interest. She’s set to appear in two episodes as a woman named Paula. She’ll make her debut in the Dec. 5 episode, where we’ll discover something surprising about her past. Of course, what exactly is it about her past that is so surprising? The only thing we know is that Diane Farr was also cast. She’ll be playing Rachel in Marshall’s second episode on Dec. 13. She is the woman with ties to Paula, which I’m taking to mean she plays some part in making Paula’s past such a surprise. Really though, after the myriad woman Alan has been with, can anything surprise him anymore?

If I had to hasten a guess as to what’s happened to Paula, I suppose the most likely situation is for Rachel to have some kind of relationship with Paula. Are they related? Did they have a romantic relationship of their own? Maybe it’s both of those things. It could be Rachel and Paula once fought over the same man and wind up at each other’s throats over Alan, which I find highly unlikely – Alan isn’t at all desirable. So what’s happening? To be honest, I don’t think I’m that interested. Both women will be in and out and then forgotten soon enough.