Justified FX

Every now and then there comes a series that doesn’t have to try all that hard to be exciting because it just inherently is. Justified is just such a series, putting together a treasure trove of unbelievably fun characters who bump off each other in such entertaining and fulfilling ways. The world of Justified is a small one, but it feels quite large thanks to just how many great characters inhabit it. FX is getting ready for the show’s impending fifth season and the new teaser is filled with every reason why you should be excited for what’s just down the road.

First things first: the teaser gets right to the point reintroducing its star character: Raylan Givens. He’s as trigger-happy as ever and still mouthing off in that charming, yet arrogant way of his. And Boyd is still around too, doing his usual business with Duffy, who is now a series regular. And, of course, we can’t ignore the return of the much-beloved Dewey Crowe! As always, Raylan can’t help but humiliate the poor man, shooting holes in his swimming pool. Why? Because Raylan, despite his more charming moments, is an ass. But Dewey’s reappearance is more significant than the teaser makes apparent.

Season 5 will see a new crime family taking prominence in the life of Raylan, and they all happen to be related to Dewey. The Crowes are a big crime family and they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with. They won’t be anything like the Bennett family, so don’t worry about Justified retreading old ground. Season 5 is going to be yet another great installment in this amazing series, I can feel it. Even just bringing back Dewey was enough to get me excited. Now if only we could get Dickie, the last of the Bennett family, back in the game. That would be a sweet way to handle the new crime family.