The Thundermans Nickelodeon

It’s a good time to be freshman series The Thundermans. After only being on the air for a short amount of time, Nickelodeon is showing its commitment to the series by giving one of the best high fives you can give: a season renewal. It’s a sign of faith, and not the first one Nickelodeon has given The Thundermans. Though I’ve never personally watched the series, the premise is a solid one and something I would absolutely recommend young audiences to check out. If you don’t believe me, then there isn’t much I can do for you. What else can I say? Super heroes are awesome and this show is popular.

The live-action half-hour series was given the go ahead for a second season, said THR, which should’ve come as no surprise considering it was earlier in the year that Nickelodeon doubled the first season order. The network certainly wouldn’t have made such a move if it weren’t planning on extending the life of The Thundermans for another entire season. The first season, of which we are only about halfway through its 20 episodes, will begin airing internationally in 2014 and has averaged 2.1 million viewers. That’s not bad for a Nickelodeon series by any means.

The Thundermans revolves around superhero fraternal twins Phoebe (Kira Kosarin) and Max Thunderman (Jack Griffo). The two have opposite personalities and must navigate through school, friends and their superhero family keeping their identities secret. Given the current beneficial climate for superhero related projects, you can see why such a series would be popular with younger audiences. What kid doesn’t wish they could have super powers? The Thundermans can give kids that escape in a way that reminds them that being a superhero isn’t easy and you still have to deal with the same problems as everyone else does. And let’s not forget the valued lesson of responsibility that comes with powers.