Outlander Adds British Actor Simon Callow As Its Duke

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I’m growing weary of writing these articles of Outlander – I think it’s time for this series to air already. There are so many characters being added that I can barely keep track of them all and the facts about them are becoming less and less clear and concise. It’s almost as if Starz doesn’t want to give too much away before the series has a chance to air! Imagine that, a network trying to avoid nasty spoilers. But still, I’m growing bored just reading about these characters; I want to see them in action, bumping up against each other and causing that sweet drama that I crave.

The latest gent to join the cast of Outlander is British actor Simon Callow. According to The Wrap, Callow will be playing the Duke of Sandringham, who is opulent and flamboyant with a propensity for all things beautiful and rarely hears the word no. And as we get to know him we’ll learn he has his hands in a few different cookie jars. It would be great to know what kind of cookies he’s got his hands on ­– oatmeal, chocolate chip, shortbread – just like it would be great if the library would get the copy of Outlander I requested two weeks ago! I just want to read this book! Is that so much to ask for?

Outlander follows Claire Randall before and after she is mysteriously sent back in time, leaving her cosy life as a married combat nurse in 1945 to the wild lands of Scotland in 1743. She’s forced to marry the chivalrous and romantic Scottish warrior, Jamie Fraser. It isn’t long before she falls for this new man and is torn between two loves from two irreconcilable lives. I’m looking forward to both the TV series and the book, though at the rate my local library is going, I might not read the book in time for the Starz premiere!

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