Salem WGN America

I’m not exactly the biggest fan of stories about witches (unless we’re talking about Harry Potter). Even American Horror Story: Coven hasn’t quite tickled me in the way I had hoped it would. So when it comes to WGN America’s Salem, I’m once again finding myself wondering if I should be excited about another series about witches. Salem has the benefit of at least being a period piece that will take a look at the Salem coven of witches. Taking a closer look at how this coven lived and was persecuted sounds a lot more interesting than a contemporary group hiding in plain sight in New Orleans (or whatever city you choose).

The teaser, seen below, for Salem gives you an idea of the atmosphere of the series. A man lists the many flimsy reasons that were given hundreds of years ago to burn supposed witches at the stake. Many of these reasons were just whatever nonsense men at the time could grasp on to ­– the most ridiculous one being women seducing men in ungodly fashions. We all know these women weren’t really doing any such thing and were merely the victims of affairs that had been exposed. But with this teaser, you get the feeling that Salem is going to show how these witches really did do all those things they were accused of.

There’s potential in that. We could be looking at a very sexy show despite its period setting. There’s raciness to the teaser that I think could be exciting. I would totally watch a series that shows young beauties taking advantage of dumb men with their magic powers. And, of course, there’s all the other fun things witches can get up to. We don’t yet know the extent of these Salem witches powers, but for now this series looks like it’ll be intriguing at the very least.