iZombie Supernatural: Tribes The Flash CW

The CW is powering through its pilot season, going out of its way to give three projects pilot orders. These specific three have been on pretty much everyone’s radar; particularly those of us who pay close attention to every little move the CW makes. There shouldn’t be any disappointment from anyone. If you are disappointed by the decision to go ahead with these pilots, just keep it to yourself and secretly hope they don’t make it to series.

First up, THR reported the CW is moving forward with Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas’s iZombie. The project is based on characters created by Chris Robertson and Michael Allred and appearing in the Vertigo (a DC Comics imprint) comic book. iZombie is a supernatural crime procedural about a medical-student-turned-zombie who takes a job at a coroner’s office to gain access to the brains she needs in order to keep her humanity. As a side effect, she also gains the memories from the brains she eats. She solves homicides with her medical examiner boss and a police detective.

We’ve heard about it, but now it’s becoming a reality: Supernatural is getting a spinoff and it’s going to be called Supernatural: Tribes. Unlike the on-the-road approach taken by the original, Tribes will focus on the clashing hunter and monster cultures in Chicago. It’s from Supernatural writer Andrew Dabb, who executive produces with Eric Kripke, Robert Singer, showrunner Jeremy Carver and McG. Singer will be directing the pilot.

Finally, we have Arrow’s spinoff, The Flash. Originally conceived as a backdoor pilot, The Flash was rethought of as a standalone pilot and the CW is going for it. Grant Gustin was the first to be cast and will be playing Barry Allen, who has already appeared in two episodes of Arrow. Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and DC’s Geoff Johns will be penning the script.

While none of the three pilots are original ideas, they all are pretty exciting. For iZombie, I’m just glad it’s not a spinoff (plus, zombies are always awesome). I’m excited to see a different side of Supernatural, and I’m intrigued to see how The Flash will ground one of the silliest superheroes.