The Vampire Diaries CW

The Vampire Diaries is going to be getting some fresh faces in the second half of its fifth season and one of them has been known for quite some time now, but we’re only just now seeing an actor put in the role. You’ll be happy to see Chris Brochu playing TVD’s first gay teen character, as well as Heather Hemmens and Raffi Barsoumian joining the cast. They’ll be making separate debuts, but they all have big roles to play.

Brochu will be playing the fun and charming Luke, according to E! Online. He’s a student at Whitmore college and will bond with Elena and Caroline. But since Luke has a thing for men, you can expect their friendship to remain strictly platonic. Unless, of course, he’s faking being gay to get to know women (possibly lower them into a false sense of security) but I can hardly see that as likely. That would be creepy and would more than probably anger actual homosexuals. Although, there is a certain amount of truth in the idea – some straight guys will pretend to be gay to get women. Not sure how it works, but it can. Anyway, Brochu will make his first of multiple appearances in Episode 16.

Hemmens will be playing Maggie, Enzo’s (Michael Malarkey) love interest. Enzo has mentioned her on the show before in a story set in 1953. She was the former lab assistant to Dr. Whitmore. She’ll turn up in Episode 19.

Deadline reported Barsoumian would have a major recurring role as Markos, an imposing and charismatic presence with a supernatural origin. Go figure. No word on when he’ll appear.