USA is given their paramedic based comedy Sirens a second season. The series follows Chicago based EMTs who know what they do on their job, but their personal lives our wrecks. This was one of USA’s first comedy based series as they switch gears with genres. The show was produced by funny man Dennis Leary, which likely assisted why it has done so well. Now we know Kevin Bigley, Jessica McNamee, Josh Segarra, Michael Mosley, and Kevin Daniels still have a job. Here is what USA had to say about the series renewal.

Sirens resonated with a broad fan base, and we are excited to grow this new audience further, as season two promises a lot more laughs and irreverent humor. We’re pleased to continue our partnership with Denis Leary and Bob Fisher, whose unique brand of witty, off-kilter and laugh-out-loud writing is brought to life by the immensely talented cast.

Way to go for the cast! It sounds sort of like Scrubs, which would explain why this series has found success. As for what this means for USA, it looks like they are wanting to gain more respect and growing their own TV shows is a great step for that.

How do you like USA growing their network with shows like Sirens?