Once Upon a Time ABC

ABC is serious about making Frozen a huge part of Once Upon a Time. We now hear that they will be adding Anna’s former boy toy Hans to the show. So far we have no idea on who will play the role of her former flame. His version of the character will show a wild man who longs to be king and he isn’t willing to go out without a fight. We are sure we can expect an evil streak from Hans on this awesome thriller.

As for who should play Hans, I am not sure. I think they have done well with their picks for the cast so far. So we can trust that they will find an amazing actor for Hans. I am just excited to see how they will turn this soon to be classic tale into a more mature and dark version of it. Once Upon a Time has done an amazing job so far with that and it seems to get better each year.

Are you excited to see Hans and the rest of Frozen on Once Upon a Time?